A Lesson in Forgiveness

Tonight my heart is full of pride for my eldest daughter.  She proved to me today she has a grasp of forgiveness, asking for it and accepting it that a lot of people, young and old, have yet to get.  This morning she walked into school and offered an apology all on her own.  She needed to make amends for her actions and she did just that. Wether on not the apology was accepted, in this case it wasn’t, doesn’t matter in the long run.  What matters is that my daughter did what was right.  When  I came home tonight she shared with me her experience of asking for forgiveness and how it made her feel.  Happy and sad all at the same time.  I held her tight.  Pride filling me up.

We all make mistakes.  We are human.  It’s how we handle ourselves in the wake of our mistakes that tells us the true character of our souls.  Some hide in shame.  Some deny or deflect.  We have all been wronged and have been wrong.  We know the score.  But to stand up when we know we have done wrong and do our best to make amends is all I can ask of my children, and myself.  And tonight, I am proud of my daughter for the character of her soul.  And I am proud of me.  I helped shape that character a little.

About Hattie
I am a stay at home, hip mommy of two beautiful little girls. I love to write and believe that there is humour in everything ...if you look from the right angle!

One Response to A Lesson in Forgiveness

  1. Amber says:

    Apologizing is hard, even for adults. It sounds like your daughter is way ahead of the curve. I can see why you feel proud!

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