Winter Wonderland

ice on whyte slide

Emma and Hannah coming down the giant ice slide.

In Canada, especially in Alberta, our winters are long and cod.  But for some of us, that’s just how we like it.  Every year the city of Edmonton hosts a winter festival called Ice on Whyte.  It turns a part of a trendy downtown neighbourhood into a wonderland of ice sculptures and activities.  There is poutine and maple syrup on ice to snack on as you walk around the ice!  How much more Canadian can one get?  Since 2003, when the festival started, we have made our way down town to enjoy all that is a winter festival in winter loving city.

Steve getting in touch with his feminie side.

Steve getting in touch with his feminine side.

To us, it never matters the temperature when we go.  We know how to dress in layers.  We are hearty people.  I have learned that I prefer to go at night though.  There is some thing a little more magical to have the ice sculptures glowing with brilliant colours and a sky full of stars over head. But there are more children in the day for our children to play around with in the kids fun zone.

Next weekend it’s the Silver Skate Festival.  Another winter wonderland to explore in our wonderful winter loving city.  Snow shoes in tow, we will venture through the trails and take part in the snow sculpting festivities.  Like the old cartoons always said, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!  Living in Edmonton, I will never beat winter so we better get out there and join in the merry-making.  Winters far too long to hide in doors waiting for spring! 

About Hattie
I am a stay at home, hip mommy of two beautiful little girls. I love to write and believe that there is humour in everything ...if you look from the right angle!

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