Girl Time




easter 2

I can’t possibly say how much I love my daughters.  I am sure most parents can’t.  It’s all-consuming and indescribable.  Yesterday I spent a lot of time blow drying their hair and adding the curls.  They were so excited to put their pretty dresses on.  They really love getting all dressed up.  We picked out pretty headbands and put on perfume and lip gloss.  It was a wonderful day of everything feminine.  And I missed my mom the entire time.  But not in a sad way.  As I was taking the time to do their hair I was thinking how much my mom would enjoy doing this with me.  She loved to spend hours brushing out my hair.  And now I get it.  I feel doubly blessed with two daughters.  I am sure the time is not far off for them to avoid my assistance in the hair and make up department, but for now, I am going to savour every moment and memory we make. 

About Hattie
I am a stay at home, hip mommy of two beautiful little girls. I love to write and believe that there is humour in everything ...if you look from the right angle!

One Response to Girl Time

  1. They might grow up and resist your hairdressing skills..but when they do, they can do your hair. My daughter does mine!

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